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Why Choose Dr. Andrew Harvey?

I read other reviews on Dr. Harvey and noticed an overwhelming amount saying how comfortable they felt there and how nice everyone was… I definitely agree – I felt super comfortable and immediately at home at HarveyEye. But one thing that needs to be said is how thorough the eye exam is! I would always compare optometrists to mine back home, and they usually wouldn’t match up, but Dr. Harvey exceeds that. He explains everything he’s doing and makes sure you get everything you came there for. Fantastic optometrist!! And reasonably priced too! – Kessler

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Dr. Andrew Harvey Louisville

Dr. Harvey was raised in Crestwood, KY. After graduating from South Oldham High School, Dr. Harvey attended Eastern Kentucky University, where he earned his BA in Chemistry. He then moved to Chicago, Illinois to attend the Illinois College of Optometry. During his fourth year of school, he completed clinical rotations in many different areas of eye care, including Low Vision, Cornea and Contact Lenses, Pediatric Vision and Vision Therapy, and Advanced Care. Once Dr. Harvey earned his Doctorate of Optometry (O.D.) degree, he returned to Kentucky to work for a short period of time doing LASIK consultations, and then for a bigger private practice in Lexington before returning to Louisville to open up on his own.

Dr. Harvey lives in Prospect with his partner, Jonathan, and their two dogs, Woodford and Juno.  In his spare time he enjoys hosting friends out by the pool in the summer, horror movies and video games, and playing piano.


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“I started wearing glasses in the 8th grade. The first time I put them on I was blown away by how much detail there was in the world, and how much of it I had been missing. That’s when I knew I was going to become an Optometrist. Since finishing school, I have devoted my time and energy to helping as many people as I can to have that same experience. It’s the most rewarding feeling to have someone thank you for helping them see! And now I am dedicated to helping people in Anchorage, PeWee Valley, Crestwood and East End Louisville with their vision needs.” – Dr. Andrew Harvey, Optometrist

HarveyEye is a Louisville, KY based Optometry practice located near Anchorage KY, PeWee Valley KY and Crestwood KY, and established by Dr. Andrew Harvey, Optometrist. Dr. Andrew Harvey of HarveyEye provides comprehensive eye exams, children’s exams, contact lens fittings (single vision, mono-vision, multi-focal and gas permeable), ocular disease management (diabetes, macular degeneration and glaucoma) and emergency optical care in the Louisville KY, Anchorage KY, PeWee Valley KY and Crestwood KY areas. Glasses and frames are offered from Lacoste eyeglasses/eyewear, Kate Spade New York eyeglasses/eyewear, Nike eyeglasses/eyewear, Vera Wang eyeglasses/eyewear and many more.